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Proactive Re-Engagement Programs© (PRP©s)

doing work together


A Story of Success


(a) Employment of contractor to do employee’s work

(b)80% of managers time diverted to dis-engaged employee

Cost of Problem: $425,000

Outcome of PRP: Employee's claim for Work Cover rejected due to reasonable management action and employee resigned

Young People at a Workshop


Reinventing People Processes


Chronic and long term poor performance accompanied by extensive workers’ compensation claims.

Cost of Problem: $700,000

Outcome of PRP: WorkCover claims minimised.  Employee terminated.  Claim for unfair dismissal dismissed due to reasonable management action

green papers


Turning a New Page

Problem: Mis-alignment over role definition and workload

Cost of Problem: $300,000

Outcome of PRP: Successful re-engagement to values once role clarified. Principal and employee happy with outcome. 

hand motions


An Innovative Solution

Problem:  Stress claims resulting from poor manager with mis-aligned values

Cost of Problem: Potential $1M 

Outcome of PRP: Manager successfully re-engaged to values, stress claims closed, and employees returned to productive work

“I think this is a far superior approach to most as it focuses on what is the actual problem – dealing with the 2% without legal/IR risk. That’s what annoys me about HR it’s full of solutions looking for problems rather than working out what the actual problem is we’re trying to fix. If we focus on that HR become a true partner rather than a function everyone wants sees as an irrelevance.”
- Nick Holley - Professor and Director of Henley Business School's Centre for HR Excellence (UK) -

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