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Traditional solutions focus on the wrong problem.

The reason 66% of Performance Improvement Plans fail is because the goal is to improve poor performance when inability to actually do the job, is not the problem.

The real problem is that a dis-engaged employee can do their job, they are just choosing not to do their job. 


Instead their typical behaviour includes unacceptable behaviour, poor or under performance, absenteeism and/or presentism, bullying, harassment or ‘feeling like the victim’.

The Proactive Re-engagement Program© (PRP©) successfully re-engages 65% of such employees and has a 100% success at defending any unfair dismissal claims that may be lodged. 

Increase your 33% success rate to 100% by using the correct approach to the dis-engeaged employee problem.


“I spent a lot of time completing reviews with staff and found the results (short term and beyond) did not provide the expected benefits for both parties. The best results came from constant contact and meaningful discuss between both parties.”


Rob Reynolds – Senior Executive:- Energex, Siemans Energy Services, and Power & Water Corp

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